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Friday, March 30, 2012

More Wayah Bald

Macon sent some pictures of the tower on top of Wayah Bald.  Take a look at the tower where they spent Wednesday night.
 They had slack-packed up 5,000 feet to the tower and were tired from the incline so they stopped and had a easy night in the tower.
 Bill Bryson talks about the balds in his book, and what an odd occurrence they are, this plaque explains how balds came to be.  Click on the picture to expand its size so you can read the info.
 Getting ready for a return to the trail.
 The view Thursday morning is about what you would expect, and what motivates people to go outdoors and witness this kind of beauty for themselves.
 Macon up and ready to hike some more.
They have had a good couple of days of hiking and stopped at the Nantahala Outdoor Center               in Wesser, N.C., here to do laundry, clean up and get ready for the next leg of the trip. 

They are here on the map.

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