From Springer Mountain Georgia to Mt. Katahdin Maine

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Weekend Update

Missy will be heading to Unicoi Gap on GA 75 early this morning.  Her mission is to bring supplies, take home unneeded gear, let Macon "slack pack" to Hiawasee, GA.  Once they meet up this afternoon they will get a motel room, do laundry, go out to dinner, and spend the night.  Sunday Macon will head out for the two week trek to Gatlinburg where we will meet her again, possibly with siblings for some day hikes over Easter weekend. 
Macon and her mother have text messaged some since Monica left the trail.  She found an outfitter store near Hog Pen gap, where she bought a hiking stick and a backpack cover, and spent the first night alone in the campground there waiting out a thunderstorm along with an outdoor club from University of Maryland.  She has hiked with an older couple, a Boy Scout troop from Birmingham, and a bachelor party from Atlanta, all in the rain during the past few days. 
Missy is taking Macon's laptop so she can write a post herself if she is up for it, or Missy can ghost write the piece.  Either way more info will be posted sometime Sunday afternoon.  Stay tuned!


Missy and Macon have connected.  There was a pretty large group that was with Macon but they are probably stopping before Hiawasee so Macon is the only one "slack packing."  Missy gave Macon some dry clothes and a day pack with a sandwich, grapes, apples, and some water to get her the next pick up.

Update 2:

Macon wanted a scenic view while she enjoyed her luncheon and look what she found.   Always being one to share the little things in life, she emailed this picture.  Missy has shuttled a group of hikers from the pickup point on US 76 south east of Hiawasee back to town.  She has been giving out "trail magic" to hikers crossing the highway.  I think Missy's trail name should be JoMamma, but that's just me.  What a gorgeous day!


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    1. Keep it up Macon! I see the beard hasn't started to grow yet, give it time :) Is that a gallon jug lopped off and rigged up to catch rainwater??? Brilliant! I'm sure the slack packing and JoMamma-made magic was very welcomed and rewarding for all - and quite a disappearing act into the jowls of rain weary starving hikers! Really interesting to hear about the gear reports and HQ 'support crew' preparations and what you change or do differently for Gatlinburg! March on Macon!

  2. Yay Macon! So glad things are going well!