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Monday, June 18, 2012

Kick off time for the second half

Daystar and Bebop wait for Junker
Okay, the half time adjustments have been made for the team.  Bebop has peeled off from the group and is headed to New York City to prepare for her work at The Fresh Air Fund summer camp in upstate New York.  She caught a ride from Junker to the train station in Harrisburg, PA.  From there she took the Sunday afternoon train into NYC.   Tatertot has rejoined the group after hiking with her dad, and now they have their collective heads down, literally watching for the 200 miles of rocks and stones along the AT through Pennsylvania. 
Doyle Hotel

On Saturday they met their ice cream half gallon challenge, and Daystar said it was one of the most physically punishing aspects of the trek so far.  She chose "mint" flavored ice cream.  And she completed the challenge. 

They will stop at the Doyle Hotel in Duncannon, PA  Tuesday to pick up a few items shipped from Amazon (thanks mom) like fresh insoles to help with the terrain ahead.  I think they are ready to get after it and make up some time through this section of the trail.  By make up some time, Daystar told her mother that for the last few weeks they have been meeting lots of people along the trail.   There have been stops to visit people and deadlines to meet.   While they loved all the visits with friends and are very appreciative of the many kindnesses and generosity they've received, it's now time to hunker down.   Bebop is gone, and the crew has the trail as its only focus for the next several weeks.

While we post many pictures of the social side of the AT (meeting up with friends, nights out, trail magic, etc), Daystar remined her mother that most days are spent hiking - like 8 to 10 hours day.  She sounded good but very tired.  I think the plan is to stay at the Doyle for a night and really rest for the rocky stretch. 

BTW if you have access to Netflix I heartily recommend the National Geographic documentary of The Appalachian Trail.  It is flawlessly produced, albeit a little thin in some aspects of the trail but the aerial footage is very nice.  Daystar, however, having experienced the trail firsthand does not think it's a good as I thought. 

Look for more pics to come in the next few days and a reflective post from Bebop. 

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