From Springer Mountain Georgia to Mt. Katahdin Maine

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tough as a bulldog

As the gang slogs through the coal country of Pennsylvania from Hamburg to just north and west of Allentown...wait a minute, didn't Billy Joel sing a song?


Allentown is famous for Bulldogs, Mack Truck bulldogs.  But alas, as Billy Joel sings the factory has been moved to North Carolina, and the company is now owned by Volvo trucks.  

They have a few more weeks of the mid-Atlantic section of the trail and then they move into New England.  Macon says they hike along sides roads as often as they are back in the woods.  But hey, the cell phone reception is way better that way.  Hopefully we will hear more soon, in the mean time try and remember where you were in the early eighties.

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