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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July Fourth

Macon continues the Operation New Jersey Slack Pack hiking some 16 miles a day.  She says the hardest part is the logistics of getting eleven people up, fed, moving, collected, returned, showered, fed, and do it again in the morning.  For breakfast, the hikers had apple pie, eggs and bacon, garlic toast, and coffee.  They are heading out now to hike 18 miles in steady rain.  Thankfully, slack-packing means no back pack -- just lots of water.

She is having fun as evidenced by the pictures posted on her Facebook account.  Her plan is to get to NYC this coming weekend and attend a party hosted by Mr. Fabulous (another thru-hiker) and celebrate Gribley's birthday.  Bebop is doing great at the Fresh Air Fund camp.  When she talks to Missy, fond memories of camp counselor days come flooding back to the Frizz, and I worry that she will drive to Fishkill and join in the activities.
 We're at the beach for the week and  have the boys with us this year (no girls).  As the kids have become adults, we don't know who will be with us for the Fourth so it stays interesting.  Zeke, now he is the constant.  Trail pup is always collecting data. 

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