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Friday, July 13, 2012

Daystar in NY last weekend

One of Daystar's dear friends wrote us the sweetest email that we want to share on the blog. 
Daystar resting on the stoop after taking a bite out of the Big Apple

"Just wanted to share a photo with you - Macon having some Joe's coffee on our stoop before leaving this afternoon. It was so great having her stay upstairs for the past few days! I realized how much I've missed her since she left Brooklyn and I really hope she comes back for a longer visit soon. Her fellow hikers were awesome and I loved meeting them too. She looks great and seems to be having the best experience of her life...I'm jealous of the memories, lifelong friends, and perspective she's gaining from the trip but after talking about it with her I definitely think it's way too challenging for me! I think it is actually much more physically and mentally demanding a journey than I could handle. But I'm super supportive of her and can't wait to hear how the rest of the trail goes! Take care, Ashley"

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