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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Erwin, Tennessee

Thankfully, we heard from Macon today.  We knew she planned to be in Erwin on Tuesday and now at 9:45 pm, this email just arrived:

Little Engine, Daystar, and Hips
hey hey! i'm in erwin, tn at a hostel. today is officially 4 weeks on the trail for me and so i decided to do my first big 20+ mile day to get into town. all the boys stayed at a shelter 6 miles from town but tatertot and i decided showers & hot food were worth hiking down in the rain for. we got wendys and just let me tell you what all i ate:
bacon cheeseburger
small fries
garden salad
baked potato
small frosty
also fat tire beer, 2 big reses cups, and oreos.

i just took a hot shower, forest gump is on the tv in the hostel, life is good. i'll try to call tomorrow but so far i dont have any service on my cell, but there is a computer here that i'm able to use. the pics that i'm forwarding are from one of the last days in the smokeys (which is spelled with EY at the end, not ies).
View from Mt Crammerer Fire Tower
we did a side trail up to mt. crammerer
rattlesnake !!
 and met a nice ranger who took some of our pics. i actually saved his life by pointing out a rattlesnake!

anyway, hope all is going well at home. talk to y'all tomorrow!
Trailside spring beauties

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