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Friday, April 20, 2012

Erwin to Roan Mt. this week

Erwin Tennessee
We spoke to Macon briefly on Tuesday.  She sounded good after a night in a hiker hostel, some hot food, dry clothes and resupplied.  They hope to make it to Roan Mountain this weekend where she will hook up with Monica again for a visit.  Macon said the line at the lone computer was too long to write a post in Erwin so she will use Monica's computer to write a post sometime this weekend (in Boone).  A few comments during our phone call stood out.  She says that it has been half going up and half going down, and the towns are in the down.  So she resupplies in the towns and has a much heavier pack going up out of the town.  Another thing is that she was told that it is illegal to hitch-hike in Tennessee and they have begun enforcing that ordinance (I guess they need the money) so she is more patient with the shuttles provided.  The trail magic has been prolific, and at times slows them down as they cannot pass up hospitality shown by the providers, so they linger and visit with the people who have made Belgian waffles, cookies, and goodies of all types.  Her group has merged with another group and now there are seven all told. She sounds great and is physically holding up well.  Click on the map below to look at her hike this week. For the most part it follows the AT. I will improve my Google mapping skills.

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