From Springer Mountain Georgia to Mt. Katahdin Maine

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Laurel Fork Waterfall - 417 miles

Macon sent this text around 5:30 pm today:  "Hey mom it's Macon on Tater Tot's phone.  Dropped my phone in Laurel Fork Waterfall.... It turns on but isn't really working.  I'll sort it out in Damascus, planning to get in on Sat.  I'll call or email then, love y'all." 

Macon and Monica met up with the group as planned on Monday for the sandwich picnic.  They hadn't planned on SNOW !!  All the hostels were full so they booked a room in a Best Western in Banner Elk, NC.  Monica stayed the night with the hikers and all enjoyed pizza and beer.  Macon called her dad before heading back to the trail on Tuesday.  She's in great spirits -- rested, refreshed, and ready to get back on the trail and hike to Damascus.

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