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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bebop hits triple digits

Daystar and Bebop
Cole has her trail name, and she has hiked one hundred miles so far.  The girls checked in last night via text message fromWaynesboro, VA.  A couple of nights ago they were at the Devil's Backbone Brewery  in Roseland, VA for a meal, libation, and ended up spending the night out back.  Just saying that I am not suprised to learn this micro-brewery is based in Lexington, VA.  I might have mentioned that Washington & Lee University is located in Lexington, VA and that there wasn't a micro-brewery back in the mid seventies, just Duck's.  Anyway the group called a number another hiker had given them and the folks at Devil's Backbone met them at a crossing and carried them to the "Base Camp" brewery in Roseland.  Macon said she had a half pound burger topped with pulled pork, onion rings on a jalapeno bun.

Because Cole just be-bops down the trail she was bestowed the trail name of Bebop.  They have picked up the pace since Trail Days and are closing in on the one thousand mile mark.
Daystar and Bebop

The group spent last night in the hostel run by Grace Evangelical Church.  They arrived on Wednesday which meant they enjoyed the Wednesday night supper for hikers.  Then, they split up; Lighthouse (who has joined the group) manned the laundry and the girls headed to Target.  Daystar plans to call home today so we may post more news later. 
Pants, Daystar, and Gribley

Photos courtesy of Tatertot.

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