From Springer Mountain Georgia to Mt. Katahdin Maine

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Frizz

Missy delivered Cole to the Gang on Thursday, and brought everyone back to Woods Hole Hiker Hostel where they spent the night.  Missy and Cole spent the night inside while the intrepid hikers camped out back in what Missy described as the hardest rain she has ever heard.  They arrived in Damascus yesterday and set up camp in a yard where they were befriended by a couple when they passed through earlier in the month.  Last night they sat around their camp sipping some delicious red wines, munching on cheese and crackers and hummus.  It was during that time that Missy's trail name was bestowed upon her, The Frizz.  This is from Ms. Frizzle the driver of the Magic School Bus that takes kids to amazing places.  Hmmm.. how appropriate, so there you have it. 

There will be tons of pictures and posts coming later today and tomorrow or early next week.  On Sunday Missy will deliver the gang to The Homeplace Restaurant in Catawba, Va that was featured in the most recent issue of  Garden & Gun Magazine.

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