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Friday, May 11, 2012

The Magnificent Seven down to the Fanatastic Four

Catawba, VA terrain
The Colonnade at W&L Lexington, VA
Macon called yesterday morning from Catawba, mile 704 a town just west of Roanoke Virginia where the trail leaves the Jefferson National Forest and rolls through fields crossing Interstate Highway 81 north of Roanoke and goes east of the interstate past Lexington and Staunton, Virginia.  I happen to be a bit partial having graduated from Washington & Lee University that she is hiking through some of the prettiest terrain in all of these United States.  Too bad she can’t stop at the East Lexington grocery for a six pack of Strohs and an inner tube.   She hopes to be in Daleville today, and a week from today Harrisonburg, when she takes the shuttle south to Damascus for Trail Days.  As usual, she was in great spirits, averaging 17 miles a day. 
Dragon's Tooth, Catawba, VA

I think she, Gribley, Pants, and TaterTot camped behind the Catawba Quick Stop.  She also mentioned a restaurant, maybe the Homeplace Restaurant nearby, and a hiker hostel run by a third generation grandchild.  Her descriptions were something akin to a travel writer describing a new Hilton, only approximated by AT accomodations.  The three guys who had been hiking with Tatertot have left the trail for full time jobs so now there are four in Macon’s group.   Missy and Cole will meet them a week from Sunday in Damascus and take them back to Harrisonburg to resume the hike after “Trail Days.”

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