From Springer Mountain Georgia to Mt. Katahdin Maine

Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend Update

A week or so ago, Macon dropped her phone in a waterfall so news and pictures have been scarce.  She also lost her contact lenses but we were able to ship more to her, thanks to the fine folks at Mt. Rogers Outfitters in Damascus.  Yesterday she called on Tatertot's phone from Gullion (mile 547) near Atkins, Virginia.  She and her hiking buddies are in good spirits and so far no injuries.  Her group stayed at the Relax Inn.  The plan is to catch a shuttle back to Damascus for "Trail Days" (May 18-20) and then on Sunday, Missy will meet up with Macon and her trail friends.  Missy will take Macon a new iphone and her laptop so she can write a post and she'll deliver everyone to where they got off the trail before the Trail Days' weekend. 

Cole, Macon's younger sister, will join Macon on the trek north on Sunday, May 20th. Cole plans to hike until mid-June when she begins her summer job at a Fresh Air Fund camp an hour north of NYC.  When asked about her transportation to camp (i.e. air, train, bus, etc.), Cole said she would be hiking from Virginia.

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