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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Woods Hole Hostel

Hey y'all! Ha I just read Dad's post and I think my mom got a little mixed up. I'm right now at Woods Hole Hostel which has been my favorite spot on the whole trail so far. Gribley and I hiked about 19 miles to Trent's Grocery (a random gas station that served burgers & eggs on the side of the road - a hiker delight!) on Wednesday night. We were pretty exhausted and opted to camp out back with some other hikers. I called mom in the morning to start figuring out plans for Cole's arrival (which I can't wait for!) and gave her some random names of places which I think got confused.

Woods Hole Hostel

Thursday, we hiked about 16 over to Wood's Hole Hostel. We originally planned to just spend a night and leave in the morning, but this has been the most amazing experience ever and we decided to spend the day yesterday relaxing. We handwashed our laundry old-school style - using dr. bronners, a bucket, plungers, and a washboard. We wrung out the clothes on this old machine, I'm not sure what it's called, but it's two rolling cylinders and you roll the clothes through them to wring them out. I really think that we actually got everything cleaner than they have ever been, and then hung them up on the clothes line to dry in the sun. I ate the most amazing meals - everything locally grown and made from scratch. Most of my day yesterday was spent in the colorful woven hammock on the porch, and when I wasn't doing that I was laying in the sun reading & writing & sharing stories with other hikers. It truly was the best "zero" I've taken, the most relaxed I've been in this 7+ week journey.

Gribley and I are heading out this morning to Pearisburg, to hopefully meet back up with Tatertot & Pants on Fire. We'd planned to all meet here, but heard through the grapevine that they went straight into town. I love the simple communication out here. Even here right now, all the hikers here are people I've met along the way - some were ahead and some were behind, but for whatever reason we are all here together right now. No texting or tweeting - just word of mouth.

Anyway, our goal is to hitch into Pearisburg and get in & out of the Food Lion as quickly as possible, and then put in another 5-10 miles to a campsite. We are shooting to get to Catawba sometime this week. We've heard of an amazing restaurant there that some friends said we absolutely MUST visit. The goal is to get to Daleville by Thursday (100 miles away) to somehow get a ride down to Damascus for Trail Days. Still not sure how we are getting there.. we shall see!!

Still loving this great adventure. There perhaps is nothing more liberating than carrying everything I need on my back, walking into the mountains not knowing where I will sleep every night. I'm happier & in such a peaceful state out here -  more than I could have ever anticipated.

xo Daystar

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